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About Royaltea

and how it all began...

Starting from the city of Guangzhou in China, Royaltea is part of a new movement. Stepping away from typical bubble tea franchises, Royaltea did away with low-grade ingredients and teas and sought to create something more authentic and healthy.

Now with over 600 stores across Asia and outlets in Canada and the USA, Royaltea is leading the charge of contemporary tea culture with a wide assortment of refreshingly unique beverages. We invite South Africa to enjoy this new style of tea.

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How we create Happiness


We use only the best teas from China, Japan and India that contain no artificial flavours or preservatives for a unique tea experience.


Depending on your drink, we then combine it with fresh fruits, Chinese brûlée or Nutella. Drinks can be served hot or cold.


The signature Royaltea topping is a soft cream cheese foam. On top of this you can also add Oreo, Nutella or Tapioca Pearls!

The options are endlress…

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